When Your MIND is in a FUNK! 

Some days we’re sky high and sometimes we have a downhill slide, we just need to step back or out of a situation for a while and look out for ourselves every now and again. When you’re in your head, brain fog, down day, in a funk whatever you like to name we all have slumps inspirationally, creativity emotionally and physically, it’s natural it’s part of being human in this little journey of life, but it’s important to know how to deal with it, for me I feel that you have to ride the waves to process your feelings and after a while, you come out of those moments and I use photography when my mood is low to give me something to strive, if I’m creatively down I will ride the feeling by putting some music on and meditate or speak through it with someone and they can possibly give you another perspective on things.

Journal for your thoughts

Once thing that really started to help for me, I’ve recently started to use writing as well and either type or write all these words in my mind onto paper, notebook or online documents and instead of being in my head I’m decluttering my thoughts into words that “emptying the trash” useful trash.

Escape from the phone

The idea of digital minimalism comes to mind also using the idea of simply putting your phone on do not disturb apart from the important phone calls, loved ones and simply being in solitude with yourself to process thoughts and file them into folders in your head. But don’t get it mixed up with loneliness is a negative state characterized by feelings of solitude. “Solitude, on the other hand, is the state of being alone without being lonely.” (“Loneliness Vs. Solitude: Bearing The Silence Mindfully”) (“Loneliness Vs. Solitude: Bearing the Silence Mindfully – Medium”) A quote from Nikki Rowe quotes “Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace”. Being alone with our thoughts (without distractions) is the foundation of self-reflection and a deeper understanding of our own selves and the universe. (“39 Quotes on The Power of Spending Time Alone in Solitude – OutofStress.com”)


This is why spending time with ourselves is something that each of us should think about doing. So next time when you’re in this negative state, take a moment, listen to music, write in a journal, type your thoughts, turn on do not disturb and don’t be afraid to meditate in solitude. It doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those I’ve suggested so find something you love to do to help when you’re in a funk!

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