What purpose does photography give you?


The question today is: What purpose does photography give you?

Why do you do photography? What purpose does photography give you?

So I want to share what purpose photography gives me, and hopefully, you can relate to that.

So for me, the first thing is that photography is a great self-improvement tool.

It helps me gain confidence, it helps me feel braver, it helps me get rid of anxieties. it helps rid of negative mental health, and it helps me be positively reminded.

It helps me focus on something, gets my brain dialled in, and stops my brain from rushing with all the different thoughts.

Finally, for my own improvement, I hope you’ll be optimistic, and productive, and see some progress in the future.

I’d like to do this for myself in the end, probably ditching the boss and the money.

the person you work for will basically want you to work for yourself and show other people how to do the same.

I’m getting ready for it, and hopefully, in the end, you work for yourself and do it yourself.

giving you the freedom of working on your own and having your own style.

So that’s probably what’s going to happen in the future.

building self-worth, basically feeling worthy, basically convincing yourself that you’re worth something, and identifying as yourself rather than that work person or that person conforming to society or that person being your own identity.

Having your own identity and building your self-worth is probably a topic that we’re going to go into a bit more depth on in this post.

Knowing and respecting yourself is important for your personal and business lives.

Self-worth is loving yourself without being selfish.

So yeah, I’ll probably talk a bit more about that.

So it’s great for your mindset, as I said, great for a positive mindset.

Striving for something makes your brain fire on all cylinders with positive neurotransmitters.

Dopamine is firing in your brain, and the good feeling of getting out there and escaping gives you something to try to strive for.

No one is going to break you.

No one is going to put you down.

You’ll feel so strong when someone says no to you for either asking them to take a photo for them or trying to acquire something to expand your business.

you won’t back down and it won’t affect you.

So you need to be mentally strong before getting into photography.

To conclude, that is a personal purpose of photography for me.

What fires you up?

Stay strong, stay hungry.


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