Are you suffering from a severe case of production paralysis?


Are you suffering from a severe case of production paralysis? Well, I’ve got the treatments for you, 3 to be exact!


Production paralysis is a feeling similar to overwhelm.

Because in today’s society we are overstimulated by a variety of things, such as TV, smartphones, iPhones, laptop well the list goes on.

You’re comfort zone and technology are anchoring you down to your sofa.

Paralysing you and stopping you from being your active, creative, activity-producing self.

When you want to produce, create or do something but indecision, over-analysis and bogged down with overthinking.

Ultimately, in the end, leads to production paralysis.

Studies suggest that Production paralysis (analysis paralysis) takes a far greater toll on your productivity and well-being than just lost time.


Overthinking kills our creativity

Our brain uses a lot of power overthinking, over-analyzing, doubting and questioning ourselves, then rinse and repeat.

All that willpower and brain power vanishes not leaving enough time for your creative self, writing, reading, drawing, and painting to name a few.

All of this power needs to be redirected to your creativity.

Actually, we need to be more conscious by setting time constraints for ourselves forcing us to make decisions more efficiently.

Limit the amount of information you consume

We live in a world where information is virtually limitless.

Like me, you probably have 30+ tabs open on your phone.

Apps you can go back to uninterrupted because they are still active on the home screen or your app tray.

Trust me I’m still learning from my advice!

You have to intentionally and physically stop yourself from whatever it is that is anchoring you down digital minimalism comes to mind.

I’ll discuss more in another post it simply means making choices to use content minimally with intent.

Setting screen limits on your phone, when being creative turn your phone on do not disturb apart from important calls and messages and put it aside screen faced down.

Undoubtedly even better doesn’t have it in the same area as you to maximise creativity time alleviating production paralysis.

There are some tools to help you focus and avoid distractions for example

Start before you feel ready

You’re bound to feel uncertain, inexperienced, unqualified or not prepared.

There are going to be loads of people that maybe not be on the same page as you, won’t agree with you.

Finally, you’ll never feel ready and it’ll never be the right time.

The fact is there is no right time, start before you feel ready and then you can figure it out along the way.

JUST DO IT, before someone else does.

We need that sense of urgency to go for it.

I hope these symptoms and solutions helped.

I advise you to take this treatment daily whenever you have a spark of creation!

Get up and go do it, you’ll thank yourself and feel accomplished and happier for it!

JUST DO IT, before someone else does!


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