Photography Craft – Practise makes improvement

A motivational speech spoken by a speaker called Les Brown once stated:

“Practice makes improvement You can always do better than your best. You can always go beyond anything that you have ever done. You never hit a state of perfection; you’re always bigger than what you do, and so all you’re looking for are new breakthroughs. Through practise and practise and practise, you’ll get better and better and better, but there’s still some things that will happen to you that will catch you on the blind side that you did not anticipate. You’ll get knocked down, but you won’t be knocked out. You’ll be able to get to your feet again and be on the ropes, but you have a fast recovery rate when you work on yourself, read inspirational books, of course, listen to tapes that begin to inspire you, and stay around people who will empower you you”

les brown

Whatever your craft is, whatever your hobby, job, etc., you must practise improving and progressing. I’m going to explain how this Les Brown quote relates to working on the craft of photography.

So I’m going, to be honest, and I’m going to be straight with you right now. You are going to take a lot of crap photos—thousands and thousands of crap photos.

filling your hard drives filling your memory cards with rubbish photos until you start getting your craft and still until you start feeling your style and getting your art style and getting your personality.

After you take those photos and start seeing improvement, you will take a lot of crap photos, so you need to be consistent, taking a lot of photos until you start seeing some decent photos until you start deleting fewer photos and keeping more. Once again, as previously quoted, practice makes improvement. Practice does not make perfect; practice makes improvement. It takes small steps to get improvement, and I hope that tip helped.

Keep Pushing Forward


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