Photography can… give us a sense of accomplishment by boosting mental health

Photography can… provide us with a sense of accomplishment, thereby improving our mental health.

Photography is an excellent tool for navigating your life journey.

Photography boosts our mental health by getting us out of our comfort zones and giving us a sense of accomplishment.

Requiring us to learn key skills and practise the art of calmness, patience, and stillness.

It offers us something to strive for and gets us out of our comfort zones. When we were younger, we were taught various things and lessons, and sometimes we did lessons that we didn’t want to do.

Which was a hidden message to push us out of our comfort zone.

especially some lessons that we found difficult but were worth it and taught us to get that resilience that pushed us out of our comfort zone.

We, as humans, enjoy trying a challenge or a brain teaser in order to get our brains working and those positive endorphins and neurotransmitters firing on all cylinders.

Resulting in a good feeling in our minds when we step beyond our comfort zone.

You may experience emotional discomfort or feel uncomfortable doing something new or learning a new ability, such as photography.

It’s a method of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and realising that when we set our minds to something.

we find new love photography is all about learning new principles, theories, and styles.

At first, it will be difficult.

You will struggle and feel uncomfortable for a period of time.

Ride the uncomfortable feeling, and eventually, you will feel relieved and accomplished.

It is good for your mental health to strive for something different.


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