Harmony, Peace and Creativity in Life and Photography

Harmony is finding peace and balance in one’s life by doing something one enjoys, such as “mindful” landscape and nature photography. I put mindful in quotation marks because it is subjective to some, but I have a positive mindful response to nature photography. Walking in nature, being at peace with yourself and others, not holding grudges over past encounters, and moving forward in harmony are all examples of harmony. When life becomes hectic, we lose our sense of freedom and equilibrium. We need to leave these stuffy buildings, rooms, and offices for a while. Even if you have air conditioning, getting out, touching the grass, and feeling the breeze on your skin is energising, liberating, and soothing. Take advantage of any free time you have. When you have a free moment, grab your camera if you’re like me and other aspiring photographers, go outside, escape, and feel free. Be in harmony with nature; be at one; be open to your creativity; be out in nature; and try to take a break.


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