Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t compare yourself to others

Stay humble

We all want what the next person has, but we forget what we have achieved closer to home. We look to someone for advice, but we forget that they had no one to look closer to home. We look to someone for advice, but we forget that they had no one to look to. We compare ourselves with the “trailblazers,” if you will because we are so quick to compare. However, it is important to remember that these trailblazers had to work hard and put in the effort to get where they are today, and this is something that we should be reminded of as well.

Don’t compare just use it as a guideline

Don’t compare yourself to others; instead, use their experience and expertise as a guide for your discoveries, milestones, and adventures. Trying to replicate someone else’s success is a bad strategy. Instead, consider how their actions and decisions can inform your own. They may have more time on their side. They have been working on their chosen craft for a long time, and have more experience and knowledge.

It’s like comparing apples and oranges they aren’t the same. Of course but they are in the same category as each over which is fruit. This is not to say that you should never strive to reach their level of success. Only you should do so in your way create your own path, carve your own pathway

Be more content and show less envy

We need to aim to be more content than to show envy. Which can make somebody ungrateful for what they already have and the progress made. Envy is the emotion of wanting what someone else has and comes from comparing ourselves to other people. Whether it’s our peers, our friends, or people we see in the media.

If we jealously compare our possessions to what others have, we will never feel that we have enough. To counteract this, we must be mindful of our thoughts and emotions. Being conscious of how we view ourselves and others.

“No person has the power to have everything they want, but it is in their power not to want what they don’t have and to cheerfully put to good use what they do have.”

Seneca, Letters From a Stoic

Stay humble


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