Content consumption burnout

Content consumption burnout.

Searching for new ideas or attempting to inform oneself to better their knowledge. Can lead to mental burnout due to overstimulation.

Let me give you some context

So I was researching a particular subject and was looking at numerous YouTube videos and endless blog posts and trying to come up with inspiration and solutions. I got to the point where I wasn’t retaining the information I read, felt overwhelmed with it all, and developed a sense of irritation. Which later that evening led to burnout.

So how do we solve it?


Firstly, stop and resist searching, re-evaluate, and return to it at another time. Then, walk away from the moment. Leave the environment you were in, as it gives you a different perspective.

Have some “ME” time

Take some time for yourself; go for a walk; relax; do something you enjoy. Most of the time, you find inspiration and solutions by doing it yourself; try not to beat yourself up if you don’t have an answer right away. Reading into things too much leads to inactivity Remember to take in bite-sized chunks of information at a time rather than stopping yourself from learning and discovering. Part of keeping your passion alive is nurturing curiosity.

Learn new information in bite-sized chunks

Learn new things and take the time to explore them. No matter if it’s related to your particular niche or to how you run your channel, discovering new things is a fantastic source of energy and passion Burnout from content consumption is over. Inevitably, content creation burnout can happen even to the most passionate creatives who love their jobs, but it’s not impossible to beat. These simple lifestyle changes can help you make sure you’re staying curious (sustainably!).

Take a moment for yourself

Stay strong



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