Close-up of a poppy in a wildflower field

I captured this photo at Stogumber’s wildflower fields, a small village between Exmoor’s high moors and the rolling Quantock Hills. Every summer, a farmer’s field is filled with a riot of colours as part of a fundraising venture. The meadow changes throughout the season, with cornflowers, poppies, daisies, marigolds, oats, grasses, and various other flowers. It’s a vibrant and bustling ecosystem with bees and butterflies hopping from flower to flower.

Stogumber is a small village nestled between the high moors of Exmoor and the rolling Quantock Hills. Each summer one farmer’s field becomes a riot of colour in a beautiful fundraising venture.

This meadow is a changing landscape with cornflowers and poppies dominating followed by large daisies and marigolds as the season changes. In the mix are oats, which escaped from the main crop as well as beautiful grasses. Delicate pinks from the corncockle and red campion can be seen buried deep in the greens of the poppy stems. Bees and butterflies hop from flower to flower in a busy and bustling frenzy of life.

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