I became interested in photography through family members, such as my father, grandfather, and others who took photos of my brother and me when we were younger, such as during Family Holidays, Christmases, birthdays, football games with team photos, and other events. Fast forward to now, We enjoy going on walks and adventures because it is good for our mental health and feeds my passion for photography. I just love the idea of taking photos and reminiscing about the memories associated with them, so I wanted to be able to share our memories with others, enveloping positivity, because taking images reveals how rich reality is.

The website and YouTube channel are journals of progress on my journey as a landscape photographer. On the way, we learn vital things about storytelling through a lens using different mediums. Each step of our journey is documented on the website and YouTube channel with articles, podcasts, videos, and photos to inspire others to pursue their passions and document the memories that come along with it I hope that, through the website and YouTube channel, we can spread positivity and inspire others to follow their dreams, regardless of the paths they may take, and create a beautiful community of people united in their passion for life, storytelling, and photography, promoting a positive mental attitude and mental health.

Life outside of travel and photography: well, I live in the West Midlands, in the heart of the United Kingdom, where I can commute almost anywhere with my lovely wife Becky, who also assists behind the scenes and occasionally films behind the camera. We enjoy most things about the outdoors, including the crazy weather, beautiful sights and enjoying others’ company. I wouldn’t like to say we’re the type of people to randomly say we’re going to climb Mount Everest or backpack at the North Pole but we do enjoy exploring the outdoors near and far.