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The Advantages of Having Framed Photography in Your Home Home décor varies from person to person, but whatever the design extra touches always complete a home in elegance. Many people prefer the framed image on the wall, but what are the benefits of a framed print? It completes a home in style by displaying your life's memories in pride of position, enhancing the home's décor. It is a tactile tangible thing with a 3D shape that stands out. Make them stand out so you can enjoy the sensations you had while there or while taking that photo. Framed and hung...

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Photography can... give us a sense of accomplishment boosting mental health Photography is a fantastic tool to help navigate you through the personal journey of life, photography boosts our mental health by getting us out of our comfort zones and giving us a sense of accomplishment. Requiring us to learn key skills and practice the art of calmness, patience, and stillness. It offers us something to strive for and gets us out of our comfort zones. When we were younger, we were taught different things and different lessons, and sometimes we did lessons that we didn't want to do and...

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Here's a look behind the scenes at what programs i use to edit my phtotos

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