Don’t rely on other people’s praise and approval

Don’t rely on other people’s praise and approval you’ll run out of power very quickly personal excellence cannot be attained through an outside source it cannot be discovered in your relationships or other people's regard. It is a fact of life that not everyone will understand you, agree with your opinions, or share your enthusiasm not even those who love you. Be mature! What other people think of you is irrelevant! Go grab your success! Our relationships with exceptional people cannot help us achieve personal excellence, they can motivate us and encourage us but you are responsible for completing your work. Get started right away, give it your all, and don't worry about who is looking. Do your worthwhile work without always seeking praise or awe that others will have towards you There is no such thing as indirect merit. The successes and excellences of other people are theirs. Similarly, don't get excellence from your possessions, even if they are excellent. Consider this: What truly is yours? How do you use the concepts, tools, and opportunities that are presented to you? Do you have any books? Study them. Learn from them. Use their knowledge. Do you possess specific expertise? Utilize it fully and effectively. Do you possess any tools? Take them outside and use them to construct or repair things. Do you have a clever thought? Follow through and follow up. Utilize what you have what is yours to the fullest. When you've synchronized your behaviour with nature by recognizing what is yours, you can be justified in being at ease and happy with yourself.

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