New Products Unveiled in a Website Update, Limited Edition Prints

We’ve now fully opened our store on our website with limited editions and limited variants, so we have a small selection of photos in three sizes: small, medium, and large. A4 size is equivalent to small. A3 is the medium size, and A2 is the large size. We spent a significant amount of time determining our sizes, deciding on borders, and having them signed with a certificate of authenticity. We simply chose three sizes for ease of use, so you can get your appropriate frames for that, and it’s simple because it’s universal across all kinds of retailers, so you can get a frame from Ikea or Wilco anywhere. So each has 50 copies to print at the moment. Once those 50 are sold, we may stop and probably not sell them again, or we’ll wait for a while until we decide to sell them again because of interest.

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