Surprise View Circular Walk Photo Adventure

Come with me on a scenic stroll from Surprise View Car Park to Surprise View, Millstone Edge, Higgar Tor, and Mother’s Cap. Take beautiful pictures of each attraction you pass along the way! Don’t pass up this undiscovered gem. As you begin your journey from Surprise View Car Park, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The winding path will lead you to the first attraction, Surprise View, where you can capture stunning photos of the panoramic vista. From there, continue on to Millstone Edge, a rocky outcrop that offers a unique perspective of the area. As you make your way towards Higgar Tor, keep an eye out for wildlife and wildflowers that dot the landscape. Higgar Tor itself is a magnificent rock formation that provides an ideal backdrop for photos. Finally, make your way to Mother’s Cap, a towering hill that commands awe-inspiring views of the countryside below. Along the way, be sure to take advantage of every photo opportunity and capture memories that will last a lifetime. This hidden gem is not to be missed! 

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