Three Affirmations for Photographers

Affirmations What are they?

If you’ve never used or heard of affirmations, they are simply positive, realistic statements that you repeat to yourself to help you gain control of your thoughts. Affirmations can help you gain confidence and overcome fear. They’re especially useful if you have self-doubt or anxiety, especially when you’re on location or before a studio shoot. Here are three affirmations about photography.

“The beauty of life passes through my lens, which preserves it forever.”

As we all know, life passes in the blink of an eye, and the art of photography is capturing and encapsulating a moment in time in the form of a photograph. This is useful for reliving memories and looking back at one’s progress, for example. As you get older, you start to appreciate the fact that you can always go back in time and revisit your life, piece by piece, with the click of a camera.

“I have the power to turn my imagination into reality.”

A photographer must be very creative and have a vivid imagination. You must share this gift with others and use your power to bring it into the universe for all to see and be amazed by. You turn your imagination into reality and share it by doing so! ​

“My photos and videos pick up where words stop.”

Showing rather than telling is a very effective tool to employ. A picture is worth a thousand words, which means that a single still image can convey complex and sometimes multiple ideas more effectively than a simple verbal description. Learn what’s possible with our multimedia tools and unleash your imagination!

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