What Influences inspired me to get into photography

What Influences inspired me to get into photography?

My family members, my dad, my granddad and other people took photos of me and my brother at various phases of our lives.

Such as our first school photos and our prom photos, wedding photos, and so on.

Placed them in frames on our walls, reminiscing about the memories associated with them.

Constantly being surrounded by my memories trapped in time. Especially also known as photographs. Ultimately inspired and fired me up to build my own memories with Becky and reminisce about new experiences and adventures.

Enveloping us with positivity because the taken image reveals how rich reality is.

As a strong believer in the connection between photography and mental wellness.

My father was into photography, which motivated me to start my own photography journal with a website and portfolio.

Getting inspiration from the environment we live in nature.

Furthermore how it varies over the seasons, always adapting, looking at nature and outside, and that really inspired me.

So that’s how I got into photography and what inspired me.

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