Just Go For IT & EXPRESS Yourself

What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the phrase “express yourself?” For me, the songs “express yourself” by artists like N.W.A., Madonna, and Labrinth, to name a few, immediately come to mind. As stated in a song lyric, “I say the same thing twice.” I’m awkward when I speak. Ain’t got the perfect smile, don’t turn heads on my street. Trying to be a superstar like everybody else. But being myself is something I do well. Whatever you do, do it good” “See, it’s not what you look like.” When you doing what you are doing, express yourself. Whoa, do it. “

 But what does this mean? You can use your words, your facial expressions, your body, your movements, clothing, actions, and possessions to express your authentic inner self, and yes, occasionally, at times, we may be clumsy, mispronounce our words, spill food and drink on our clothes, and make various blunders, but that’s just being human, right?

 The messages about how we should behave, think, look, and speak; what we should eat, drink, study, and do for fun; who we should hang out with and whom we should love or hate; and, in fact, who we should be deeply are weighing heavily on all of us. But why worry about what other people think of us? Let us be ourselves in our very own unique way and own it without feeling pressured by others!

 How do we express ourselves then? Well, primarily, express yourself creatively by finding something that you enjoy, such as photography, guitar, video editing, filming, gaming, art, or painting, and JUST RUN WITH IT!

 Share your strong emotions in your projects instead of letting the world dictate what you should or shouldn’t do. Your mental health will improve when you can effectively express yourself. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of having feelings; acknowledge them. Getting closer to your emotions in this way will help you better understand your emotions and, as a result, minimise anxiety and despair in your life. This is critical for enhancing your mental wellness. Creating a journal really helps us get our thoughts and feelings on paper or digitally on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis such as this blog. As I type about this topic, I can really feel the ideas coming to me. I feel like it’s somewhat cathartic 

Lastly, be unabashedly YOU and let no one get in the way of you being your greatest self.

 Self-expression is an art.

 “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

Ansel Adams


MITCH H             

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