How to seize the day and make your life incredible

Thought behind it…

Back again with another thought.

I thought I’d share a quote about seizing the day and a little thought behind it that I’ve written and then I’m going to add some extra bits to it.

Off the top of my head so this is talking about seizing the day.

Seize What Flees

Quote, according to Seneca:

“As each day arises, welcome it as the very best day of all and make it your own possession. We must seize what flees. ”


We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to happen. You want to finish things, but you can’t even get started. You get to work, and once there, you stare at your screen, procrastinate, surf, and waste your time. Then you go home and continue to destroy it. You binge-watch a show and continue surfing. Then it’s bedtime. And what have you got to show for it? Not a lot. Begin each day by deciding to own it. Get out of bed and tell yourself that. Because these days are quickly passing, make them matter. Make the most of today.

Do It Now!

so it’s talking about you might not have the motivation to do it you might not find the best time to start it’s just got to start and crack on with it and just get on with it and once you start you feel like it’s starting to move and momentum takes you forward and it’s just getting that starting bit that everyone struggles with even I struggle with it too we’re all human at the end of the day we all like our Comforts we all like our entertainment and our social media and stuff like that.

2 Minute Rule

There was a video I watched and some articles that I read about the two-minute rule.

The book the article mentioned was called how to get things done.

But it basically talked about the first two minutes or the two minutes it takes to make make the bed for example or do the dishes or do the washing up or do the dishwasher and put the washing on all these jobs take roughly about two minutes of your time to do and once you’ve done it.

that’s it you can crack on with what you need to do or what you want to do with your project and it only takes two minutes of your time I did experiment with this talk thinking about it when I was actually doing the chores around the house myself and yes.

Tackle Small Things First

Most of them do take a couple of minutes or two minutes to do so if it takes only two minutes to do instead of waiting thinking about it just get it done then get it done right away and then start on your projects or whatever you need to do after so it’s all about tackling all the small little things first to get before you get to the bigger things there’s another thought.

I’m going to think right talk about and write about in the next sort of um next video and he’s talking about setting your big stones and breaking them down into small Pebbles and tackling the Pebbles first before you tackle the big stones and yeah so again I’m going to leave you with the quote again.

“As each day arises welcome it as the very best day of all and makes your own possession we must seize what flees”


Just begin every day and just decide to do something.



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