Photography Can… Get The Body Moving

How photography can get the body moving?

Photography can help you move get moving and take those steps and feel healthier.

Moving improves your mental health and makes you feel fantastic, and you get a reward at the end by having an amazing shot if you are a landscape photographer.

Generally, as a photographer, this is usually the case.

You’ll be carrying around a lot of gear including a tripod, a camera and a few lenses, sometimes you might be taking a second camera if you do that too.

Furthermore some filters such as a neutral density filter which is great for blocking out sunlight and getting to these locations.

Take Some Steps

You must take a few more steps or walk a few more distances before you can look at our landscape or get to your ideal stop where you want to go.

You must find the ideal location for a waterfall for example and nature photography.

For example, we visit National Trust properties which require a lot of walking.

As a result, you burn those calories while carrying your equipment around with you.

Form Of Exercise

It’s an excellent form of exercise finally after a couple of miles of walking you arrive at your destination and you can take that picture and it’s amazing!

Because you get the reward at the end and you get to include those steps as well so by the end of it you should be fit and healthy getting back to nature and taking in that fresh air.

If you’re with a group of people it’s just nice to get out for a walk and then when you finally get to the shot it’s a nice reward for you again.

Change In Conditions

As previously mentioned it’s all about the reward at the end.

On occasion, you must go sometimes on a cloudy day or a rainy day in the mornings and evenings to get those final shots.

In turn, it involves some cold temperatures as well so you’re dealing with the cold weather which is fantastic.

Actually, because it’s very liberating for the mind it assists your body in keeping you warm by getting out and moving quickly as possible.

Yes, you do have to move to take that landscape shot which is what we like to do which is an excellent form of exercise.

A lot Of Walking Is Good For You

Probably usually walk about 10 000 steps each time I make a shot and as we said.

It’s a great way to make exercise.

Anyone that can so you can just get out and take photos.

You don’t have to use your big massive camera you can use smartphones nowadays.

To Sum Up

Photography can help your body move.

It’s beneficial for both physical and mental health.

You get a lovely reward at the end with an amazing shot but you do have to walk for it.

Getting exercise helps your mental health by thriving and getting out and about exploring.


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