Photography Helps With Escapism

So, what is escapism? and how does it help with your photography? and how does it help your mindset?

Well, escapism is the desire to seek distraction and relief from reality and photography is an excellent tool for doing so as you know we live in a crazy world nowadays full of social media full of news full of scary stuff full of despair and negativity. 

Because the field involves landscape photography and nature, I would choose landscape photography. Floral photography, which is close-up photography, and being in another world to see things up close and personal in another world to gain a different perspective and the benefits of photography on mental health it helps you feel a sense of escapism helps you escape from the mundane life that we face that brings you down sometimes makes you feel low makes you feel stressed out and drains your mental health such as work and other commitments. For a brief period, the typical normalcy of reality Photography is an escape where you can pack your camera and head out to a local park, maybe a neighbouring city, maybe somewhere you want to scout to the studio or call up a buddy so you can do some portrait photography with them, for example. 

Head out to a nearby park, perhaps a wildlife reserve, a bird hide, a woodland, a nature reserve, a high peak to look out over the vast landscape, or a waterfall, to name a few. You will be entering a doorway to another world, a separate realm that is not on our planet, well, it is on our planet, you see what I mean it’s on our planet. 

Putting the norm aside for the moment and focusing your mind on something else helps repair your body and more specifically your mind and for me doing something I enjoy such as landscape and outdoor photography as a form of escapism and getting away from the hustle and bustle of reality and helps us recharge our mental health once completed we can resurface into reality and the world rejuvenated the mundane reality of life and using photography as escapism as a root into another world into another reality so that you can just escape from the moment and strives your brain to be creative and to feel creative and creative, creativity that oozes out in the end, so I hope you enjoyed this post.

 Thank you for reading


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