How to take photos in that dreaded auto mode without feeling guilty

I discuss “how to take photos in that dreaded auto mode without feeling guilty” in this post. There’s this sense in the photography community of being brave and doing and taking photos on manual and making sure you stick to manual, and manual is the best way to have that flow of more options. You can do more things with the manual but yes it is useful and yes I do use it manually quite frequently and it is very effective and it’s useful in many different situations very versatile and it’s very useful to have a lot of options but what I’m trying to talk about today is the auto mode and many people judge it and assume about it, put a bad light on it, and I just want to tell you today that sometimes shooting in auto mode is fine, and you don’t have to feel guilty about it, so sometimes just swallow your pride and shoot in manual mode.

Loads going on in the scene

I know it’s a pride thing to go on a manual but I’m going on auto fronts for a while try it set it and leave it because sometimes it makes your life easier because if you’re in a situation where you’ve got all sorts of dappled light here and there you’ve got different exposures brightness and shadows sometimes you have a shadow of the trees sometimes you have shadows of water and you have all these different exposures brightness and shadows all sorts to think about When you’re putting in a shot, but if you’re walking through a place, for example, you’ll see that on one of our YouTube shorts when we went to Lydford gorge.

Don’t get overwhelmed, keep it simple

Lydford gorge a national trust located in Okehampton is a place to explore but if you want to walk with it you want to briskly hike I need something to walk very quickly on and some of the paths are quite shallow and quite narrow they’re quite deep to the rock you have to hold it into the rock and hold tight and sometimes you don’t have time to set the iso you don’t have time to set the aperture you don’t have time to set the shutter speed and there are all sorts of different exposures brightness and shadows and you’re playing with water and all different colours and sometimes your head just gets bogged down and boggled with it and it just gets fried it’s particularly me and I get very overwhelmed very quickly sometimes and I have that many options or ideas in my head that I want to take at that moment it makes more sense just to keep it simple make out of those easier and set it on auto it’s fun to try something new. The technique it’s nice to know that the camera is smart enough to take a shot for you now obviously you can adjust the light with a neutral light density filter or an ND neutral density filter that can block out the light a little bit but sometimes it’s just nice to say I don’t know what time just leave it it’s such an easier life make your life so much easier and you worry less I find that you’ve worried less about getting it right because the camera can do it and then obviously you can tweak it there’s a lot of magicians with editing you can do a lot of editing later on post-processing. 

Go on, swallow your pride… for once

So just set it on auto sometimes swallow your pride and just go with it once in a while setting it and leaving it makes your life easier it keeps it simple and if you don’t have a specific time to set all the settings and go for the motions just put an auto different exposures brightness and shadows Different factors come into play, making it much easier to set on autopilot. I’m not saying use auto all the time because, as a photographer, you want to learn the skill, ability, and talent of what it takes to use a camera and use all of the settings. I’m trying to dispel the myth that you must use a manual, but yes, using auto mode occasionally makes your life easier, especially if you’re in a rush or making a move quickly and have momentum on your side. I hope it helps, and I hope you’re not afraid to enter the auto world.

 You’ll give your brain a break, so yeah hopefully that helps thanks for watching also don’t forget to feel free to go to our Shopify store at the website to check out uh all our stuff there are more blogs there’s more information on there and you can see our collection of photos also we have an Esty page as you can see on there if you want some home decor or some personalised stuff so yeah reading.

swallow your pride and shoot in auto mode.


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