How I used photography as a therapeutic tool to process my emotions

In this post sharing my thoughts about photo journaling.

What is photo journaling?

A photo journal is like a diary or a written journal the difference is it’s in photo form and it usually is used to document milestone in life it helps s your photography feels more personal inviting you to reflect on life.

How is photo journaling good for mindfulness?

So according to the quote by Destin Sparks “photography is the story I failed to put into words” so this means when you can’t think of how to explain the beauty of a landscape print or a landscape or a scenery or the feeling that it gives you or the solitude or the silence of a place this is where you can create a photo journal for mental health so if you can’t articulate or process your emotions properly using a photo journal in any form can create a tangible experience can trigger positive memories and releases good feelings which is great for mindfulness a picture gives you a visual or physical journey of progress that best represents your feelings in that frozen moment so you can provide a physical or a visual journey of progress that best represents your feeling in that current moment and this is why people have pictures of memories around their home as home décor it doesn’t have to be a collage like your conventional um photo journal or an or in a diary or in a written journal it can be photos dotted around the home a photo can take any form that you desire it’s a bit different than a written journal a written journal is very written it’s very um hands-on it’s very putting your thoughts onto paper whereas a photo if you can’t describe it and you can’t think of a feeling how to explain it that still frame in that moment in that picture gives you a really good good feeling in your brain so it releases a good chemical called dopamine allowing our brains to feel pleasure which is fantastic for positive mindfulness.

Dopamine, what is it?

When we look at a photo when we’re out in nature it releases a positive neurochemical called dopamine and dopamine is the chemical that you use for a good feeling to make you feel happy to make you feel good and that quote sums it up really when you can’t think of a word or think of what to say about it photography then photography is the answer. 

How do I start a photo journal?

A photo journal can be anything it’s a journal that it has a collection of photos it could be a book it could be a collage book it could be frames posted around your room it could be frame prints around your home it could be anything that will instill a positive memory and bring out those good feelings and it’s really good for mindfulness especially if you’re feeling in a slump and in your head quite a lot and you’re feeling cloudy looking at those photos would definitely help so yeah hopefully that little quote that little inspiration helps about finding photo journal for mindfulness you can start creating your own by creating a collage by creating a book by just putting photos up at your best and your favourite places and when you’re feeling down you can look back and cherish those memories with fondness and you can almost help lift you out of that moment.

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