Bird photography and bird watching are great pastimes for the art of stillness.

 Here’s why

So I’ve got a couple of thoughts about bird photography actually and we feel that bird photography as a whole is a great peaceful moment to gather your thoughts and just to look and just to watch life go by just to take a moment of stillness and bird watching is a great trait or a great niche to try out. I feel as though it’s calming. It keeps your mind busy, and keeps your mind from overthinking but it just keeps you still and present thinking about things just looking at the water as a reflection of how calming it is looking at the birds and just getting on with life. That’s my thought of it Yeah, I think just being out there takes you away for a second and brings you into the moment. Be present. I’m just appreciating things a little more because I’m slowing down in nature, and that’s why I think the benefit is there. beneficial nature photography. Waterfalls, landscape photography, and bird watching I think really are rich sources of content for the mind and mindfulness. So, the word is solitude, not loneliness. So, solitude as a state of mind is an opportunity to be peaceful, and calm, process thoughts, and feelings, and simply have a moment of loneliness. On the other hand, solitude is quite different because you have a purpose. You’re doing something good for your soul, something good for yourself that challenges you to challenge yourself, and that is the difference between solitude and loneliness. I believe solitude versus loneliness has two different meanings. Being alone with yourself is a nice thing to do because you gather your thoughts, you gather your feelings and you process things a bit better.

All the best Mitch

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