Is Photography Promoting Competition Or A Sense Of Community?

In this post, I discuss how the art of photography is viewed as a community rather than a competition.

So, for me, being a photographer means being a part of a community. It’s also much more difficult to compete with other photographers. We might as well appreciate the fact that they share your interests.

Shared Passions

We’re all in the same situation. We all have the same passion; we just have different art styles and perceptions of what art can be and how you perceive the world in which we all live. Our style can be seen in a variety of genres, including nature, landscapes, architecture, portraits, and macro. Just to name a few.

Breaking Down Barriers

Ultimately, we’re photographing a frozen moment to look back on with fondness, happiness, and progress. My concept of community is breaking down the barriers that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or particularly experienced to share and create art. You can also be a minimalist when it comes to gear and you don’t always have to buy the most expensive gear if you enjoy the hobby for the love of the hobby.

What’s more, the photography community is all about assisting other photographers in getting started by giving advice, sharing different tips, showing different images, and sharing the amazing storey that each photo has behind it, and each photo tells a different storey from person to person, attempting to break down the cliche barriers in photography. Many people in the community want to assist. Help others by sharing insightful content that they’ve learned or discovered and distributing it to others. This is what I want to reflect in my content in order to help others who, in turn, can help others. At the same time, a powerful tribe of like-minded people is being built, and dialogue is being created.

Sharing Tales

Consider sitting around a campfire and sharing folk tales and stories from behind the camera. Being in a community is similar to being in a tribe; our instinct as humans is to be in a tribe of people. It also emphasises the significance of mental health. A community of people helps each other’s mental health and distracts you from your current situation or moment. Take your mind off things, and for me, that helps my mental health, as do many other photographers, by getting out, taking the steps, going for a walk, and then taking that photo at the end, so that’s pretty much it, guys.

That was on my mind, and the concept of communities is much stronger than the competition, and I’ve noticed a slew of tribes out there. It’s not oversaturated because you have your own style and variety, and I appreciate the idea of community over competition. I hope you enjoyed the post, and if you did, please let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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