Getting into photography is similar to going to school.

Photography is like a school day, and whether we liked it or hated it when we were at school, we had structure, we had a timetable, we had things that we had to do, we had times to be in a certain place, topics that we were discussing, lessons that were being taught, and I believe that was good mental preparation for later life, and I believe that people are missing that now, and I believe that people need to revert to that slightly having that structure. having that timetable having lessons in a day and I feel that that keeps your mental health structure and I think that’s why a lot of people, including myself, struggle because we don’t have that structure and we don’t have that um discipline anymore like we used to well when the bell rang that was the end of the lunchtime when the bell rang in the break time next lesson whatever it may be and that structure. I feel that routine helped, such as how it relates to photography, such as getting up early to photograph sunrise and staying out late to photograph a sunset, so if you’re doing an after-school club at school and staying out late to photograph a sunset it requires dedication so going to school record dedication taking photos, for example, requires dedication or a bit of commitment and resilience to go and as much as we hate school sometimes we have to be resilient. Photography is a great self-care and it’s helpful for your mental health, and if you take pictures every day or as frequently as possible with others it can actually improve your self-care by doing something that develops into a new habit the process we therapeutically are feeling refreshed and it keeps your brain busy to try and think of a creative photo every day and it improves the structure so again linking it back to a school. For example, learning the skill of focus is learning the skill of what the rule of thirds is, you’re learning about the magic triangle, the exposure, the ISO, and the shutter speed we’ll probably talk more about that in the future or go and go on YouTube that’s not a channel where we’re talking about tips and tricks we’re talking about um the personal development side to the mental health side to it because if you’re into business but you’re not mentally ready then it’s and yeah, that’s what I think about it so photography for me is a school day and you have to treat it as such because we should we thrive generally we thrive on a routine so as long as we’ve got a positive routine and our days planned out we don’t have time to overthink we don’t have time to think negatively we don’t have time to wallow in our negative thoughts and start to spiral and our mental health is affected so yeah, hopefully, this idea of thinking helps.

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